How to Get Out of The Fog (eBook) 14.99 AUD (about 10USD)

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10 reviews for How to Get Out of The Fog (eBook) 14.99 AUD (about 10USD)

5.0 out of 5
  1. Eulalia Gronkowski

    Highly recommend to teach for this book. It’s an easy to take on board guidance for us women how to keep our mental health and well-being on track so we won’t get into a dark space and it’s so hard to get out. Being woman/wife/mum- is very easy to fell of the “tracks” …the book for me is like a mantra 😍

  2. Jorge Cheula

    How to get e of the fog by Tatiana Slezak captivated me from the beginning to end. It´s easy to read, practical and inspiring. The author skillfully included some personal experiences that make the book really meaninful. I also enjoyed the useful set of concrete activities to put into practice what it was written before and the legacy letter is an extra plus. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for personal and professional growth

  3. Oxana Mattiocco

    I love “The Fog” by Tatiana Slezak !
    Being a Psychologist myself I highly recommend this step-by-step guide on claiming yourself and your life back! The authentic style, structure and a valuable content create a lot of clarity, simplicity on the usually confusing topics of self-love and self-discipline! It’s a practical guidance for those who are committed to their success and want to go to the next level in their lives! It’s very educational and has exercises that are very easy to implement. An absolute must read!

  4. Ana

    A great guide to remind yourself about self love and self care… mothering yourself into the light…

    + PROS: Easy to read and practical. Full of love and truth
    – CONS:
  5. Yasmin

    I really enjoyed this book. It helped me get out of my post pandemic ‘funk’. Based on Slezak own journey and her tried and tested actions it gave me simple, practical, easy to use steps to help me create the life that feels satisfying. There are worksheets and assessments to help you identify where you want to focus your energy and what’s important to you. I highly recommend this book to anyone feeling like they in a post pandemic fog and they don’t know where to start, use Slezak’s book as your personal guide.

    + PROS: It’s practical, easy to follow. The worksheets and assessments are very helpful.
    – CONS: Don’t get put off by the simplicity of some of the suggestions. It’s not about what you know already, it’s about doing something with what you know.
  6. Renée van der Burg

    How to get out of the fog is a beautiful, practical and very personal book. It will help women to become more aware about their internal thought processes, how to “neutralize” and turn these around to a positive, confident mindset, without losing sight for the importance of staying vulnerable too. It’s personal as Tatiana shares her own story and how she turned around her self worth. Its practical with all the great exercises, affirmations and tips. Highly recommended!

    + PROS: Practical, personal, relatable
    – CONS: none
  7. Mada Oleksy

    I’m normally rather sceptical as far as books like this one are concerned because I’m one of those people who know better or don’t have enough time to slow down and think about anything else than work, kids, what to make for dinner, etc., but I’m glad I convinced myself to read it because it was great to slow down and look at my life from a different perspective.

    I especially liked the practical part of the book with exercises. Normally when I read quickly, I forget quickly as well but when doing the exercises, I really had to put some effort in the answers, so it was definitely a valuable tool.

    + PROS: Simple language and making me slow down and look at my life from a different perspective
    – CONS: None
  8. Adela

    How to get out of the fog is a useful guide for anyone that want to improve their self-love and self-discipline. I truly believe we are work in progress and every day gives us a new opportunity to become a little better. The book is practical as it also has a set of exercises that can help you better commit into your journey. Last but not least it is personal as Tatiana shares her own path towards finding her self worth.

  9. Adela

    An interactive book with many useful examples that can help you increase your self-worth. I use very often the term we are work in progress as I really believe we are and I love the fact Tatiana uses it as well. It is a personal story of how Tatiana turned around her self worth. I recommend reading and practicing the exercises in the book

  10. Kathryn Toomey

    My impressions are that this book has helped me a great deal. There is a tone in the authors voice that is really acting on the same words used throughout the book which is tough love. You don’t really get anywhere in business or personal life without a little grit and self respect. I enjoyed the tasks set out to help with my discovery process explaining to me that indeed I can look after myself and do the things but that also told me there was some areas in my life I was ignoring for example exercise. I linked the chapters to be so simple that it didn’t take to long to read and that’s a big plus for me. Knowing I am not the only one that will try to find office space. I was grateful for the opportunity to learn about the author and I really grew a little bit as I formed new patterns of behaviour from what I was learning as I read each page. Yes, I carried the book around in my bag. As I’d recently reached my menopausal first stages and was really feeling stretched to the bone for insight and clarity this book is very enjoyable and straightforward I would recommend it to those feeling a bit of brain fog and resistance to pushing themselves into their next stage.

    + PROS: Really helps to drive out the areas you may be struggling with rather than going on about what you’re already doing.
    – CONS: A little repetitive but again it does mean the book is quick to read so that’s a plus for me.

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